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Cerra Water Systems

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Transformed Cerra Water is Smooth as Silk and Tastes Great!!!


Transforms Acid to Alkaline


Makes Super Hydrating Tiny Clusters


Converts to Anti-Oxidant Water


Beats Current $2500 Machines


No Electricity-No Harmful EMF’s



Test your water to determine its pH.

Your water should be on th Alkaline side of the scale.


When you drink water it may not absorb into call walls efficiently due to large clustered molecules. Large clusters leave you feeling bloated or the water is not utilized by the body.


Toxic chemicals are everywhere. We need all the Anti-Oxidant power we can get to eliminate free radical damage to our bodies. Cerra Water gives you all of this plus great taste that you can take anywhere you go. Cooking great meals, tea or coffee requires great tasting water.


More Benefits:
 The Anti Oxidant effect comes from revolutionary ceramic technology in contact with the water.
●  Is 6 times more hydrating than tap or bottled water
●  Has great anti-aging effects through free radical conversion
●  Reduces pain and silent inflammation
●  Faster exercise recovery and re-hydrating
●  Detoxifies your systems
●  Has NSF-International water certification.
●  The Cerra comes ready to use with 2 extra filters. Filters last from 3 to 5 months on the  usage and water mineral hardness (soft is best)

Cerra Water Order Form (PDF)




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