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Double Helix Water


Health Care Practitioners Will Be Fascinated By The Following:

· You can now provide “something” to your patients that is a foundation

     for optimal health and it is completely pure, organic and tastes good.


· This product of modern quantum physics has the capacity to heal illnesses

      like diabetes, arthritis and other inflammations and diseases in the body.

Double-Helix Water is the name of that “something”.

It is a completely unique, solid form of “water clusters” that have amazing health promoting properties.




C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD. had this to say about Double-Helix Water:
“I had the privilege of testing some of their earliest clustered water and

found statistically significant improvements in basic immune function.” pg. ixx,*

  So….What is Special about Double Helix Water

“Through word of mouth, we have been sought out and begged by people  ranging from seriously ill to near death to let them have some of this water, and 80 percent of these people have either completely recovered from or are still recovering from, not just cancer, but a host of other so-called incurable illnesses, including Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, lupus and   arthritis.”, pg. 60.*

“Did the Water Cure Them?

Again, NO, they cured themselves; but this water must have had supplied some integral part of what they needed to build their own defenses.“, pg.60.*

“So, the double-helix photo (on the front panel) must mean that the stable water cluster is not a drug, not a nutrient, but a fundamental brick in the body and somehow is linked directly with the body’s ability to heal”, pg. 60.*



Double Helix Water to Reduces Inflammation and

Increases Energy Flow in Body Meridians.  


Use with your Arthritic, Diabetic &

Auto-immune Clients

DHW Clusters May Solve  Mystery of
Acupuncture Meridians

Arthritic hands before (left) and 20 minutes after drinking 6 drops of Double Helix Water in 8 oz. of distilled water. The red-orange heat color cools, which also means less inflammation. (This image is a part of a research project and no curative claims are made or intended.)

The picture on the left was taken by a transmission electron microscope (Hitachi H660, 100 keV electron beam, 6,000X) on a chain of water clusters. The width of the chain had several clusters. The size of the small circular clusters inside the chain is about 0.3 micron in diameter. The picture on the right showed similar water clusters joining together one after another in a chain.


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