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"I have had a stroke five years ago. I am taking Dr. Lobash’s course at home.  So far, I have seen more improvement at this time compared to any method given since the hospital.  As a result I do not suffer from any depression compared to others on the traditional stroke forums. Also, I am in my 70’s and the e-beam and other treatments advised give me energy and stop pain. As I work on this course, I will give updates. I have not seen any help expressed similar to my experience on any of the u. s. stroke forums."

- E.A.A. - NEW JERSEY   -  July 2007

"After not being able to sleep without waking up at approximately 4:30 AM every morning in excruciating pain I tried Acupuncture and it worked from the minute it was done.  I've had 2 nights without any pain.  My husband says what a joy to see to see me wake up without pain.  It REALLY WORKS.  Thank you, Thank you."
- Donna R.  -  APOPKA, FL

"Sciatica?  Go see Dr. Dan for Korean Hand Acupuncture.  It works likes magic."
- E.S.B.  -  HEMET, CA


"I put the pellet on my hand for a hypothyroid problem and noticed that I had to reduce the amount of synthroid."


"I put the pellet on my husband who had an acute case of iritis (infection of the iris).  The next day there was a noticeable difference.  By the third day the eye was feeling almost normal and the redness was nearly gone (that evening we ran out of pellets and he got worse).  The pellets were placed on the eye points again and the iritis improved greatly."


"I placed pellets on husband's addiction points and noticed a remarkable difference.  He does not crave his drug of choice.  It made a believer out of him."


"Just a note to share an unbelievable experience with you.  Last Saturday night, I tripped and fell two times in a dark parking lot.  The first time I dislocated my shoulder and traumatized my elbow, the second time seriously hurt my knee.  After 23 hours of blinding pain, I pulled out my Koryo Hand Therapy book and found every hand point for shoulder, elbow and knee pain.
        I heated each point 3 x's with Moxa.  I applied a silver pellet to each of the G and M points!  After sleeping very soundly (8-1/2 hours) I awoke with no stiffness, no pain and complete range of motion.  I even amazed myself at how easy and efficient this system works."



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