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Last Revised August 2, 2012

KHT has many levels of training included within it, as described below

Correspondence Therapy Meridian Therapy Three Constitutions Therapy Five Element Therapy Eight Extra Meridian Therapy Birth Constitution Therapy Special Syndrome Therapy

Correspondence Therapy

In this level you learn to treat physical problems by simple stimulating points on the hands that correspond to specific areas and structures in the body.

You learn how to search for the right points to stimulate and then how to apply the stimulation. Also included in this level of training is "Basic Therapy" and "Organ-Meridian Therapy".

Anybody can easily learn to successfully apply KHT Correspondence Therapy.

It is ideal for those who want a quick and effective method to treat simple problems such as the common cold, aches and pains, fatigue, PMS, stomach upset, etc.
It can be used on anybody, of any age and is ideal for children.
KHT at this basic level is non-invasive, that means you can get good results without using needles that puncture the skin.

Correspondence Therapy by itself can foster wonderful healing of your body-mind-emotions.

Some problems of a severe and long standing nature often requires the more powerful techniques used by certified KHT PRACTITIONERS

Meridian Therapy

This level of training covers in detail each of the hand micro-meridians and their special clinical uses. These 12 energy micro-meridians (pathways) are analogous to their body counterparts, but they are a separate, but parallel, system. Application of the special functions of the hand meridians and acu-points adds another level of power and treatment options to enhance Correspondence Therapy.

Three Constitutions Therapy

The next level of healing strategies is possible through learning determine which of the 12 organ-meridian systems are most unbalanced.

Students learn how to read and compare the radial and carotid pulses and how to palpate the abdomen. The combination of this information leads to the most appropriate organ to treat. With this information, and knowledge of the meridians, the energies of the organ can be either tonified (enhanced) or where there is excess, sedated. This healing strategy has a powerful effect on balancing the function of the internal organs.

Five Element Therapy

In this level of training the student learns to apply the principles of the balance of Yin and Yang as they manifest in the Five Elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. The theory of the Five Elements is applied to the KHT hand meridians in a manner similar to that used in whole body acupuncture. Application of the five Element principles to the hands gives even more power to bring internal organ balance and harmony.

Eight Extra Meridian Therapy

Th eight extra meridians have particular power to align the skeletal structure. Without balanced alignment of the skeletal system, the internal organs cannot function in a balanced manner.

In this level the student learns to apply the hand corresponding points to the Master and Coupled Points of the body system.

Birth Constitution Therapy

The most profound level of treatment occurs here. Each person is born with certain strengths and weaknesses of organ system functioning. Based on the ancient Chinese concept of the "stems and branches" these constitutional tendencies can be plotted based on the date of birth of the person. With this knowledge, treatments can work at the deepest level of the persons energetic-being. Proper application of these principles can foster good health in most circumstances.

Special Syndrome Therapy

Years of clinical therapy across thousands of clients has produced excellent strategies for treating certain common, and difficult to change medical syndromes; for example post stroke recovery.

In this level of education, students will learn successful therapy strategies from the vast experience of senior clinicians worldwide.




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