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Silver and Gold Pellets


Gold and Silver colored metal, non-invasive pellets, or disks, are applied to corresponding and hand micro-meridian points to provide a unique stimulation. Pellets can be used for both chronic and acute conditions. They are an effective, non invasive alternative to needles.

How Pellets Work


Pellets effect the body and acu-points in three ways:


1.    Bio-Electric Effect:

       The electrical properties of the metal interacts with the energy field of the acu-points.

       This causes a dispersing action which opens the blockage in the area.

        Impulses sent to the brain initiate a  healing response in the body. 


2.   Color Effect:

      The colors of gold and silver have unique electrical properties that affect the body energy 

      Either color can be used for pain syndromes.

      Gold is used to tonify and silver to sedate the Five element points.

      Energy moves from the silver toward the gold, to amplify or sedates the meridian energy.


3.   Pressing Effect:

      Massaging or pressing the pellet into hand or fingers sends an electrical signal to the brain.

      This initiates the release of healing effects in the corresponding sites in the body.  


Choosing Pellet Sizes

Small Silver Color Pellets

1/8th in. Dia

100 / box

Small Silver or Gold pellets are used on:

  • tender reflex points,

  • acu-points and

  • smaller areas such as the fingers.

Note: When treating corresponding points,

      use all silver or all gold . DO NOT MIX COLORS 


Small Gold Color Pellets

1/8th in. Dia

100 / box

Sedating or Tonifying Micro Meridians

  • Energy flows from the silver to the gold pellet when placed on the micro meridian.

  • To sedate: Place the silver pellet on the higher number of the micro meridian and the gold on the lower number.

  • To tonify: Place the silver on the lower number of the micro meridian and the gold on the higher number.

  • Always place the two pellets between the distal and the proximal finger joints.

Note: Center the pellet on the point for best results.


Medium Gold Color Pellets

1/4th in. Dia

30 / box

Available in Silver & Gold

Medium pellets

are used on larger pain / reflex areas on the hand.

i.e: Sciatic, Alarm and Transport points.    

Large pellets

are used on special pain / reflex areas on the hand.  

ie: Prostate, liver, stomach, bladder,

uterus, sacrum, etc.

Large Gold Color Pellets

5/8th in. Dia

10 / box

Available in Silver & Gold


Procedure for Pellet Application

1)  Wash your hands as skin oil is an insulator that greatly reduces the effects of the metal pellets.

      Use hand lotions after pellets are in place. Be careful not to slide or shift the pellets.

2) Locate the reflex acupoint.                                                              

3) Mark the reflex acupoint by indenting the skin with the metal point locator.

4)   When placing pellets be sure the pelletís point is in the indentation.

5)   Press on the pellet after placement to produce a reflex reaction.

6)   If there is no reflex response, re-check your point location & marking technique.

7)  Do not remove the pellet from its original tape as you will need a tweezers to place the pellets

..... back on a piece of tape.



Cover the pelletís tape with a  second strip of tape, as sweaty hands and humid  environments

can cause pellets to slide off the point or get caught in bedding.


Put pellets on reflex points at bedtime. In the morning remove the reinforcement tape keeping

the pellet on its original tape.


Pellets may be reused for 1 to 10 days, depending on skin acids and good hand washing.



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