Needle Inserters


    Premium Single Needle Inserter………..…...Hand Needles Only


    High quality Stainless Steel—- Machined for Painless, Rapid Insertion.

1.     Plunger Head

2. Shock Absorbing Spring

3. Needle Magnet Sleeve

4. Magnet

5. High Friction Lifting Washer

6. High Speed Stainless Shaft.   

                                        3-5/8 in. x 1/4th in dia.

    Auto–1 Single Needle Inserter ……….……..Hand Needles Only

  • Spring loaded for lightening needle insertion

  • Adjustable needle depth tip

  • Lite weight plastic body

  • Comes with replacement tips and extra needle magnet

5.5 in. x 3/8 in. dia

  Auto–35 Multi-Needle Inserter …....…..…..Hand Needles Only

  For Hand ,Ear, Face and shallow Body-Insertion


  • Preloaded, sterilized cartridge — contains 35 Hand Needles

  • Unused needles remain sterile

  • Adjustable insertion depth

  • Single press spring loaded trigger for fast insertion

  • Lite weight plastic outer body

  • Durable metal inner mechanism


  Transparent tips (see below)

6.5 in. x 1 in. dia.


Auto-35 Detailed Information - Click Here

  Replaceable Transparent Tips


  Prevents contamination between patients

  Allows visual location of needle tip

  Cleanable with alcohol