A complete energy medicine system in your hands


STIPER AcuWave Disks

Soft Silicon Quartz Disks offer Non–Invasive

Enhancement of the Energetic Balancing Power of Crystals



What Are Stipers
Stiper AcuWaves are transformations of Quartz (SiO2 ) to a soft material while retaining the properties of the original Quartz crystal.

Stiper Acuwaves are small, spongy, crystallized, silicon discs used to balance and treat the body through the transmission of their vibrational charge.

How Stipers Work
Stipers have a special crystal clear structure and are bio-resonators of external Qi:.

When treating with quartz crystals we are working with
systems that feed, nurture and
repair the cellular levels.


What Stipers Do

Stipers have a crystalline pattern for transmission of energy & information
regulation enabling them to:

• Disperse Excess
• Tonify Deficiency
• Absorb Non-Harmonized

...and Erratic Body Energy
• Balance Body Energy
• Re-establish Body Energy in

   a Gradual and Controlled Manner


Stipers Treat

• Colds & Coughs

• Anxiety & • Depression

• Edema & Weight Loss

• Digestive Issues

• Circulatory Problems

• Pain Problems

    • Joints  & Arthritis

    • Back & Neck

    • Shoulder. Sciatic

• Prevention and Recovery from

   Sports Injuries

• Tendonitis

• Fibromyalgia



             How to Treat With Stipers

1. Place Stiper on: acupuncture points, reflex zones or pain areas;
2. Secure with strip tape or round plasters.

Application Time:
1. Standard Stimulation Time: 30 to 45 minutes
2. Long Term Stimulation:
          Tape in-place for 1 to 6 days. Repeat with a new disk.
           For emotional problems, change Stipers every 1 to 3 days.

Note: Extend a treatment by placing a Stiper on the acupoint after needle removal.

Stiper AcuWave Disks  Stimulate all energy systems of the body


Professional Paks


Number Per Pak

STIPER AcuWave Disks #12  Large, High Power Disks for:
                                             Pain, Face & Body Acu- points, Trigger Points,
                                             Foot Reflexology , Energy & Chakra Balancing

1/2 x 1/8


STIPER AcuWave Disk #9      Medium Size Disks for:
                                             KHT Hand Points, Pain, Face & Body Acu-points,
                                             Trigger Points, Energy & Chakra Balancing

3/8 x 1/8


STIPER AcuWave Disk  #6     Small Size Disks for :
                                             KHT Treatments (fingers), Children & Sensitive People

1/4 x 1/8


STIPER AcuWave Disk #3      Mini Disks for:
                                             Auricular Points (300, 9mm adhesive plasters included)

1/8th x 1/8


Introductory Offers                                                                                                            

Mini Introductory Kit: #12, #9, #6, #3 (plus ear tapes): 80 Stipers, 20 of each size, 1-roll of 1” tape & 1-tweezer

Professional Kit: Any Three of the Professional Paks above  480 to 900 Stipers


Hypo-allergenic Tan Micropore Tape        1 in. x 30 ft         (For use with #12, #9 Stipers) 

Hypo-allergenic, waterproof Tape             1/2 in. x15 ft       (For use with #6 Stipers)

Tweezer-High Quality Stainless Steel         5 inch               (For easy, accurate placement)


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